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If you are interested in TrollfesT playing in your city, you can book the band through this MAIL!!

Date: Country: City: Place: Comment: Extra:
22.05.2021 France Vallet Lid Ar Morrigan Event
29.07.2021 Portugal Vagos Vagos Metal Fest Event

Date: Country: City: Place: Comment: Extra:
10.04.2020 Norway Oslo Blå Streaming live show Event
17.01.2020 Poland Warsaw Zacieralia Event
07.01.2020 USA Cozumel 70000tons Website
14.12.2019 Russia Moscow Red
13.12.2019 Russia St.Petersburg Aurora Event
30.08.2019 Norway Trondheim Good Omens Event
31.08.2019 Norway Lillehammer Felix Event
13.09.2019 Norway Haugesund Flytten Event
14.09.2019 Norway Bergen Inside Rock Cafe Event
20.09.2019 Norway Hamar Sebs Hotel Event
28.09.2019 Norway Sandnes Tribute Event
26.07.2019 Italy Cavernago Malpaga Folk & Metal Fest Facebook
21.06.2019 France Clisson Hellfest Webpage
20.06.2019 Finland Nummijärvi Nummirock Webpage
31.05.2019 Denmark Copenhagen Pumpehuset Udgårdsfest Event
21.02.2019 Luxembourg Esch/Alzette Kulturfrabrik Wayfarer & Warriors Event
22.02.2019 Germany Wacken Wacken Winter Nights Event
23.02.2019 Netherlands Tilburg 013 Wayfarer & Warriors Event
24.02.2019 Belgium Antwerp Trix Wayfarer & Warriors Event
25.02.2019 England London Assembly Hall Wayfarer & Warriors Event
26.02.2019 France Lille Le Splendid Wayfarer & Warriors Event
27.02.2019 France Paris La Cigale Wayfarer & Warriors Event
28.02.2019 France Merignac Krakatoa Wayfarer & Warriors Event
01.03.2019 Spain Bilbao Santana 27 Wayfarer & Warriors Event
02.03.2019 Portugal Porto Hard Club Wayfarer & Warriors Event
03.03.2019 Portugal Lisbon LAV Wayfarer & Warriors Event
05.03.2019 Spain Malaga Paris15 Wayfarer & Warriors Event
06.03.2019 Spain Murica Garaje Beat Club Wayfarer & Warriors Event
07.03.2019 Spain Zaragoza La Rotonda Delicias Wayfarer & Warriors Event
08.03.2019 France Marseille L'Espace Julien Wayfarer & Warriors Event
09.03.2019 Switzerland Pratteln Z7 Wayfarer & Warriors Event
10.03.2019 France Bourg-en-Bresse La Tannerie Wayfarer & Warriors Event
11.03.2019 Italy Trezzo Sull'Adda Live Club Wayfarer & Warriors Event
12.03.2019 Croatia Zagreb Tvornica Wayfarer & Warriors Event
13.03.2019 Hungary Budapest Barba Negra Wayfarer & Warriors Event
14.03.2019 Slovakia Bratislava Majestic Wayfarer & Warriors Event
15.03.2019 Poland Krakow Klub Studencki Wayfarer & Warriors Event
16.03.2019 Poland Warsaw Progresja Wayfarer & Warriors Event
17.03.2019 Poland Gdansk B90 Wayfarer & Warriors Event
19.03.2019 Germany Berlin Huxleys Neue Welt Wayfarer & Warriors Event
20.03.2019 Poland Wroclaw A2 Wayfarer & Warriors Event
21.03.2019 Germany Jena F-Haus Jena Wayfarer & Warriors Event
22.03.2019 Germany Munich TonHalle Munchen Wayfarer & Warriors Event
23.03.2019 Germany Mannheim MS Connexion Wayfarer & Warriors Event
24.03.2019 Germany Cologne Essigfabrik Wayfarer & Warriors Event
16.02.2019 England Birmingham O2 Academy HRH Metal Event
26.01.2019 Finland Tampere Klubi with Korpiklaani
25.01.2019 Finland Helsinki Nosturi with Korpiklaani
18.01.2019 Norway Oslo Rock In Releaseconcert
27.10.2018 Denmark Copenhagen DFDS Seaways Copenhell Metal Cruise Event
07.09.2018 Switzerland Hüttikon Meh Suff Webpage
15.08.2018 Sweden Falun Sabaton Open Air Event
04.08.2018 Germany Gößnitz Gößnitz Open Air Webpage
03.08.2018 Germany Wacken Wacken Open Air Webpage
21.07.2018 Germany Buchenbach Boarstream Open Air Webpage
04.07.2018 Germany Ballenstedt Rock Harz O.A. Webpage
15.02.2018 Belgium Antwerp Trix With Korpiklaani and more
16.02.2018 Germany Hamburg Markthalle With Korpiklaani and more
17.02.2018 Germany Oberhausen Turbinenhalle 2 With Korpiklaani and more
18.02.2018 Netherland Amsterdam Melkweg With Korpiklaani and more
19.02.2018 Germany Saarbrücken Garage With Korpiklaani and more
20.02.2018 France Paris Elysée Montmatre With Korpiklaani and more
21.02.2018 France Nantes Stereolux With Korpiklaani and more
22.02.2018 France Toulouse Le Bikini With Korpiklaani and more
23.02.2018 Spain Madrid Sala BUT With Korpiklaani and more
24.02.2018 Spain Barcelona Salamandra 1 With Korpiklaani and more
25.02.2018 France Lyon Transbordeur With Korpiklaani and more
26.02.2018 Switzerland Vevey The Rocking Chair With Korpiklaani and more
27.02.2018 Germany Aschaffenburg Colos-Saal With Korpiklaani and more
28.02.2018 Germany Berlin Columbia Theater With Korpiklaani and more
01.03.2018 Czech Republic Prague Meet Factory With Korpiklaani and more
02.03.2018 Germany München Backstage With Korpiklaani and more
03.03.2018 Germany Stuttgart LKA With Korpiklaani and more
04.03.2018 Switzerland Pratteln Z7 With Korpiklaani and more
05.03.2018 Italy Milano Magazzini Generali With Korpiklaani and more
06.03.2018 Austria Salzburg Rockhouse With Korpiklaani and more
07.03.2018 Austria Graz Orpheum With Korpiklaani and more
08.03.2018 Austria Vienna SIMM City With Korpiklaani and more
09.03.2018 Germany Leipzig Hellraiser With Korpiklaani and more
10.03.2018 Germany Geiselwind Musichall With Korpiklaani and more
11.03.2018 Germany Hannover Capitol With Korpiklaani and more
08.02.2018 Norway Oslo Hard Rock Cafe Event
03.02.2018 Norway Sandnes Tribute Spelunking in the West Event
02.02.2018 Norway Bergen Garage Spelunking in the West Event
14.01.2018 Australia Melbourne The Evelyn Balls out Spelunking Down Under Event
13.01.2018 Australia Canberra The Basement Balls out Spelunking Down Under Event
12.01.2018 Australia Sydney The Bald Faced Stag Balls out Spelunking Down Under Event
10.01.2018 Australia Brisbane The Crowbar Balls out Spelunking Down Under Event
06.01.2018 Japan Osaka Umeda Banana Hall with Ensiferum
05.01.2018 Japan Tokyo Shinjuku Blaze with Ensiferum
23.09.2017 Germany Hamburg Hamburg Metal Dayz Homepage
18.08.2017 Germany Barther Barther Metal Open Air Homepage
06.08.2017 France St. Maurice Gourdans Sylak Open Air Homepage
13.07.2017 Czech Republic Vizovice Masters Of Rock Homepage
24.06.2017 Germany Ferropolis With Full Force Homepage
17.06.2017 Germany Würzburg Café Domain Skaldenfest Homepage
08.06.2017 Portugal Beja Santa Maria S. F. Homepage
20.05.2017 Norway Haugesund Flytten Event
19.05.2017 Norway Kristiansand Onkel Aksel Event
18.05.2017 Norway Oslo Hard Rock Cafe Event
13.05.2017 Norway Trondheim Good Omens Event
12.05.2017 Norway Hamar Sebs Event
22.04.2017 Norway Oslo Sentrum Scene Support for Rammsund Event
02.02.2017 USA Miami-Haiti 70.000 tons Website
20.11.2016 Norway Oslo Uhørt TrollfesT Unplugged Facebook event
20.08.2016 Norway Hamar Rock The Paddleboat Website
19.08.2016 Norway Borre Midgarsblot Website
29.07.2016 France Cap Decouverte Xtremefest Website
14.07.2016 Norway Steigen God Nok Festival Website
13.05.2016 Germany Leipzig Wave Gotic Treffem Website
12.03.2016 UK Gwynedd Hammerfest Website
19.12.2015 Germany Grafenhausen Heavy Xmas Website
30.10.2015 Germany Hamelin Sumpfblume Autumn Moon Website
01.10.2015 Norway Oslo John Dee w/ Korpiklaani Facebook event
25.09.2015 Switzerland Herisau Bridge Blast Website
10.07.2015 Germany Nordheim Sunstorm Festival Website
11.07.2015 Germany Ballenstedt Rock Harz Website
13.08.2015 Germany Dinkelsbühl Summer Breeze Website
03.07.2015 Germany Brande-Hörnerkirchen Hörnerfest Website
28.04.2015 USA Charlotte, NC Chop Shop with Korpiklaani
29.04.2015 USA Atlanta, GA Masquerade with Korpiklaani
01.05.2015 USA Houston, TX Scout Bar with Korpiklaani
02.05.2015 USA San Antonio, TX Korova with Korpiklaani
04.05.2015 USA Phoenix, AZ Joe's Grotto with Korpiklaani
05.05.2015 USA San Diego, CA Brick by Brick with Korpiklaani
06.05.2015 USA Los Angeles, CA House of Blues Korpiklaani/Ensiferum
07.05.2015 USA San F., CA Slims Korpiklaani/Ensiferum
08.05.2015 USA Portland, OR Hawthorne Theater Korpiklaani/Ensiferum
09.05.2015 USA Seattle, WA El Corazon Korpiklaani/Ensiferum
10.05.2015 Canada Vancouver, BC Rickshaw Theater Korpiklaani/Ensiferum
12.05.2015 Canada Calgary, AB Republick Korpiklaani/Ensiferum
13.05.2015 Canada Edmonton, AB Union Hall Korpiklaani/Ensiferum
15.05.2015 USA Denver, CO Summit Music Hall Korpiklaani/Ensiferum
16.05.2015 USA Lincoln, NE Bourbon Theatre Korpiklaani/Ensiferum
17.05.2015 USA Minneapolis, MN Mill City Nights Korpiklaani/Ensiferum
18.05.2015 USA Chicago, IL Bottom Lounge Korpiklaani/Ensiferum
19.05.2015 USA Cleveland, OH Agora Theatre Korpiklaani/Ensiferum
20.05.2015 Canada Toronto, ON Opera House Korpiklaani/Ensiferum
21.05.2015 Canada Ottawa, ON Mavericks Korpiklaani/Ensiferum
22.05.2015 Canada Montreal, QC Club Soda Korpiklaani/Ensiferum
23.05.2015 Canada Quebec City, QC Imperial de Quebec Korpiklaani/Ensiferum
24.05.2015 USA Boston, MA Brighton Music Hall Korpiklaani/Ensiferum
26.05.2015 USA Pittsburgh, PA Mr.Smalls Theatre Korpiklaani/Ensiferum
27.05.2015 USA Baltimore, MD Baltimore Soundstage Korpiklaani/Ensiferum
28.05.2015 USA Philadelphia, PA Theatre of Living Arts Korpiklaani/Ensiferum
29.05.2015 USA New York, NY Irving Plaza Korpiklaani/Ensiferum
14.03.2015 Norway Oslo Skuret with Imaginator Tickets
22.01.2015 USA Miami-Jamaica 70.000 tons Website
01.10.2014 Germany Ludwigsburg Rock Fabrik with Equilibrium
02.10.2014 Germany Geiselwind Musichall with Equilibrium
03.10.2014 Germany Leipzig Hellraiser with Equilibrium
04.10.2014 Germany Essen Turock with Equilibrium
05.10.2014 Belgium Vosselaar Biebob with Equilibrium
06.10.2014 England London Islington Arena with Equilibrium
07.10.2014 France Paris Nouveau Casino with Equilibrium
09.10.2014 Switzerland Pratteln Z7 with Equilibrium
10.10.2014 Germany Lindau Club Vaudeville with Equilibrium
11.10.2014 Germany München Backstage with Equilibrium
12.10.2014 Austria Wien Arena with Equilibrium
13.10.2014 Slovenia Ljubljana Gala Hala with Equilibrium
14.10.2014 Italy Brescia Circolo Colony with Equilibrium
15.10.2014 Austria Salzburg Rockhouse with Equilibrium
16.10.2014 Germany Karlsruhe Substage with Equilibrium
17.10.2014 Germany Hamburg Markthalle with Equilibrium
18.10.2014 Germany Berlin C-Club with Equilibrium
15.08.2014 France Saint-Nolff Motocultor F.O.A. Facebook event
25.07.2014 Ukraina Volosianka Carpathian Alliance Facebook event
21.06.2014 France Clisson Temple stage Hellfest Hellfest
07.06.2014 Norway Hamar Gregers Facebook event
06.06.2014 Norway Trondheim Fru Lundgreen
23.05.2014 Norway Oslo Skuret
09.05.2014 Norway Bergen Garage with Inculter Facebook event
18.04.2014 Germany Berlin K17 Kaos Over Europe Facebook event /Tickets
19.04.2014 Germany Erfurt From Hell Kaos Over Europe Facebook event /Tickets
20.04.2014 Netherlands Tilburg Little Devil Kaos Over Europe Facebook event /Tickets
21.04.2014 England London Underworld Kaos Over Europe Facebook event /Tickets
22.04.2014 France Paris Glazart Kaos Over Europe Facebook event /Tickets
23.04.2014 France Toulouse Connexion Kaos Over Europe Facebook event /Tickets
24.04.2014 Switzerland Pratteln Mini-Z7 Kaos Over Europe Facebook event /Tickets
25.04.2014 Germany Aalen Rock It Kaos Over Europe Facebook event /Tickets
26.04.2014 Germany Lichtenfels Ragnarök Kaos Over Europe Ragnarok festival
27.04.2014 Italy Romagnano S. Rock n Roll Arena Kaos Over Europe Facebook event
28.04.2014 Germany München Backstage Club Kaos Over Europe Facebook event /Tickets
29.04.2014 Austria Wien Escape Metalcorner Kaos Over Europe Facebook event
30.04.2014 Germany Darmstadt Steinbruch Theater Kaos Over Europe Facebook event /Tickets
01.05.2014 Germany Hamburg Kaiserkeller Kaos Over Europe Facebook event /Tickets
02.05.2014 Belgium Eernegem B 52 Music Club Kaos Over Europe Facebook event
03.05.2014 Germany Oberhausen Helvete Kaos Over Europe Facebook event
11.11.2013 USA Santa Ana, CA Yost Theater Alestorm & Gypsyhawk
12.11.2013 USA Phoenix, AZ Joe's Grotto Alestorm & Gypsyhawk
13.11.2013 USA Las Vegas, NV LVCS Alestorm & Gypsyhawk
14.11.2013 USA San F., CA Thee Parkside Alestorm & Gypsyhawk
15.11.2013 USA Portland, OR Hawthorne Theatre Alestorm & Gypsyhawk
16.11.2013 USA Seattle, WA El Corazon Alestorm & Gypsyhawk
17.11.2013 Canada Vancouver, BC Funky Winkerbeans Alestorm & Gypsyhawk
18.11.2013 Canada Calgary, AB Republik Alestorm & Gypsyhawk
19.11.2013 Canada Regina, SK The Exchange Alestorm & Gypsyhawk
20.11.2013 Canada Winnipeg, MB Zoo Cabaret Alestorm & Gypsyhawk
22.11.2013 USA Chicago, IL Reggie's Alestorm & Gypsyhawk
23.11.2013 USA Westland, MI Token Lounge Alestorm & Gypsyhawk
24.11.2013 USA Cleveland, OH Peabody's Alestorm & Gypsyhawk
25.11.2013 USA Columbus, OH Al Rosa Villa Alestorm & Gypsyhawk
26.11.2013 USA Pittsburgh, PA Smiling Moose Alestorm & Gypsyhawk
27.11.2013 Canada London, ON Music Hall Alestorm & Gypsyhawk
28.11.2013 Canada Toronto, ON Mod Club Alestorm & Gypsyhawk
29.11.2013 Canada Ottawa, ON Mavericks Alestorm & Gypsyhawk
30.11.2013 Canada Montreal, QC Club Soda Alestorm & Gypsyhawk
01.12.2013 USA Quebec City, QC Le Cercle Alestorm & Gypsyhawk
02.12.2013 USA New York, NY The Studio @ Webster Hall
03.12.2013 USA Teaneck, NJ Mexicali Live Alestorm & Gypsyhawk
04.12.2013 USA Baltimore, MD Soundstage Alestorm & Gypsyhawk
05.12.2013 USA Atlanta, GA Masquerade Alestorm & Gypsyhawk
19.10.2013 Russia Moscow Volta OktoBIERfest Website
30.08.2013 Germany Crispendorf Wolfszeit Festival Tourvideo
11.07.2013 C.Republic Vizovice Liqueur company R Masters of Rock Tourvideo
30.05.2013 Germany Geiselwind Second stage Beastival Tourvideo
03.05.2013 Norway Haugesund Byscenen Karmøygeddon Full concert
29.03.2013 Mexico Toluca Circo volador Paganfest Mexico
30.03.2013 USA Denver, CO The Summit Paganfest America
01.04.2013 USA Tempe, AZ 910 Live Paganfest America
02.04.2013 USA Los Angeles, CA House Of Blues Paganfest America
03.04.2013 USA San Fr., CA DNA Lounge Paganfest America
04.04.2013 USA Reno, NV The Alley Paganfest America
05.04.2013 USA Portland, OR Hawthorne Paganfest America
06.04.2013 USA Seattle, WA Studio Seven Paganfest America
07.04.2013 Canada Vancouver, BC Rickshaw Theatre Paganfest America
09.04.2013 Canada Edmonton, AB Starlite Room Paganfest America
10.04.2013 Canada Regina, SK The Exchange Paganfest America
11.04.2013 Canada Winnipeg, MB Zoo Cabaret Paganfest America
12.04.2013 USA Saint Paul, MN Station 4 Paganfest America
13.04.2013 USA Chicago, IL Reggie's Paganfest America
14.04.2013 USA Columbus, OH Al Rosa Villa Paganfest America
15.04.2013 USA Baltimore, MD Soundstage Paganfest America
16.04.2013 USA Philadelphia, PA The Note Paganfest America
17.04.2013 Canada Toronto, ON Opera House Paganfest America
18.04.2013 Canada Montreal, QC Metropolis Paganfest America
19.04.2013 USA Poughkeepsie, NY The Chance Theatre Paganfest America
20.04.2013 USA Worcester, MA Palladium Paganfest America
21.04.2013 USA New York, NY Gramercy Theatre Paganfest America
01.03.2013 Norway Hamar Seb's Hotel
19.10.2012 Germany Oberhausen Turbinenhalle * Heidenfest 2012 Full concert
20.10.2012 Germany Stuttgart LKA Longhorn * Heidenfest 2012
21.10.2012 Netherlands Tilburg 013 * Heidenfest 2012 Finsken, Norsken & Presten
22.10.2012 Switzerland Pratteln Z7 Heidenfest 2012 Der JegerMeister
23.10.2012 Switzerland Fribourg Fri-Son Heidenfest 2012 Brumlebassen
24.10.2012 Italy Bologna Estragon Heidenfest 2012 TrinkenTroll
25.10.2012 Austria Vienna Gasometer Heidenfest 2012
26.10.2012 Germany Leipzig Hellraiser Heidenfest 2012
27.10.2012 C.Republic Prague KD Vltavska Heidenfest 2012
28.10.2012 Poland Krakow Studio Heidenfest 2012 Brakebein
29.10.2012 Germany Hamburg Markthalle Heidenfest 2012
30.10.2012 Germany Berlin Postbanhof Heidenfest 2012 Illsint
31.10.2012 Germany Munich Backstage Heidenfest 2012 Rundt bålet (Wall of death)
01.11.2012 Germany Saarbrücken Garage Heidenfest 2012 Helvetes hunden Garm
02.11.2012 Germany Geiselwind Music Hall * Heidenfest 2012
03.11.2012 Germany Giessen Hessenhallen * Heidenfest 2012
04.11.2012 Belgium Antwerp Trix Heidenfest 2012
04.10.2012 Norway Oslo Internasjonalen with Glittertind
05.08.2012 Slovenia Tolmin
Metalcamp Link to website
29.07.2012 Italy Bagnatica
Fosch Fest Link to website
05.07.2012 Germany Hünxe Schwarze Heide Extremefest
06.07.2012 Switzerland Pratteln Z7 Extremefest
07.07.2012 Austria Salzburg Extremefest
25.04.2012 Switzerland Monthey Pont Rouge Touring with Korpiklaani
24.04.2012 Austria Millstatt Bergwerk Touring with Korpiklaani
23.04.2012 Croatia Zagreb Boogallo Touring with Korpiklaani
22.04.2012 Italy Florence Viper Club Touring with Korpiklaani
21.04.2012 Italy Milan Magazzini Generali Touring with Korpiklaani
20.04.2012 France Toulon Le Vox Touring with Korpiklaani YT:Du kom for seint
19.04.2012 Spain Valencia Rock City Touring with Korpiklaani
18.04.2012 Spain Seville Fanatic Touring with Korpiklaani
17.04.2012 Portugal Lisbon Republica da Musica Touring with Korpiklaani
16.04.2012 Portugal Porto Hard Club Touring with Korpiklaani YT:Essenfest
15.04.2012 Spain Santiago de Compostella Capitol Touring with Korpiklaani YT:Karve
14.04.2012 Spain Madrid Caracol Touring with Korpiklaani
13.04.2012 Spain Barcelona Razzamatazz 2 Touring with Korpiklaani
12.04.2012 France Paris Divan Du Monde Touring with Korpiklaani YT:Der JegerMeister
11.04.2012 France Lyon CCO Touring with Korpiklaani YT:Den Åpne Sjø
10.04.2012 France Toulouse Le Bikini Touring with Korpiklaani
09.04.2012 France Paris Divan Du Monde Touring with Korpiklaani YT:Die Verdammte Hungersnot
08.04.2012 France Lille Aeronef Touring with Korpiklaani YT:Helvetes Hunden GARM
07.04.2012 Netherlands Schijndel Paaspop Touring with Korpiklaani YT:Korstog
06.04.2012 Belgium Mons PPM Festival Touring with Korpiklaani YT:Legendarisk ØL
05.04.2012 Norway Oslo Rockefeller Inferno Festival Feat. The Devil'S Dangleberries
15.03.2012 Norway Trondheim Fru Lundgren's Trondheim Metalfest Homepage
16.03.2012 Norway Hamar Seb's Hotel Sharing stage with BULK Seb's Hotel on FB
28.01.2012 Norway Oslo John Dee Inferno Festival Kick Off EssenfesT live (YT)
23.10.2011 Austria Innsbruck Hafen Heidenfest 2011
22.10.2011 Austria Linz Posthof Heidenfest 2011 YT:Festival clip
21.10.2011 Austria Wienna Arena Heidenfest 2011
20.10.2011 Hungary Budapest Club 202 Heidenfest 2011 Helvetes Hunden GARM
19.10.2011 Slovenia Ljubljana Cvetlicarna Mediapark Heidenfest 2011 Essenfest
18.10.2011 Italy Bologna Estragon Heidenfest 2011
17.10.2011 Germany Lindau Vaudeville Heidenfest 2011
16.10.2011 Belgium Antwerpen Trix Heidenfest 2011 Brakebein
15.10.2011 Germany Leipzig Hellraiser Heidenfest 2011 Die Verdammte Hungersnot
14.10.2011 Germany München Backstage Heidenfest 2011
13.10.2011 Switzerland Pratteln Z7 Heidenfest 2011 Karve
12.10.2011 France Lille Aeronef Heidenfest 2011
11.10.2011 UK London HMV Forum Heidenfest 2011
10.10.2011 Netherland Leeuwarden Romein Heidenfest 2011 Helvetes Hunden GARM
09.10.2011 Netherland Tilburg 013* Heidenfest 2011 Brakebein
08.10.2011 Germany Oberhausen Turbinenhalle* Heidenfest 2011 Essenfest
07.10.2011 Germany Stuttgart LKA Longhorn* Heidenfest 2011
06.10.2011 Germany Hamburg Martkhalle Heidenfest 2011
05.10.2011 Germany Hannover Faust Heidenfest 2011
04.10.2011 Poland Krakow Studio Heidenfest 2011 YT: Die Verdammte Hungersnot
03.10.2011 Poland Warsaw Stodola Heidenfest 2011 YT:Karve
02.10.2011 Germany Berlin Postbanhof* Heidenfest 2011 YT:Gjetord
01.10.2011 Germany Geißen Hessenhallen* Heidenfest 2011 YT:Helvetes Hunden GARM
30.09.2011 Germany Geiselwind Music Hall* Heidenfest 2011 YT:Der JegerMeister
14.07.2011 Slovenia Tolmin Soca/Tolminka MetalCamp 11 Dance-pit
29.05.2011 Austria Mining Am Inn Schloss Mamling Metalfest Open Air Austria Live clip
28.05.2011 Germany Dessau Alte Landebahn Metalfest Open Air Germany Live clip
27.05.2011 Switzerland Pratteln Z7 Konzertfabrik Metalfest Open Air Switzerland
20.05.2011 Belgium Peer Limburg Rage of Destruction Fest V Videodiary
22.12.2010 Germany Egelsee Schwarzer Adler Ich Liebe Tour 2010 Tourvid
21.12.2010 Germany Freiberg Traincontrol Ich Liebe Tour 2010 Tourvid
20.12.2010 Germany Berlin K17 Ich Liebe Tour 2010 Tourvid
19.12.2010 Germany Cottbus HSK Ich Liebe Tour 2010 Tourvid
18.12.2010 Germany Eisenberg Stadthalle Ich Liebe Tour 2010 WinterFest
17.12.2010 Germany Bonn Klangstation Ich Liebe Tour 2010 Cancelled
10.12.2010 Norway Hamar Seb's Hotel Ich Liebe Tour 2010
02.12.2010 Norway Oslo Rock In Ich Liebe Tour 2010 Inc. prelisten En kvest...
21.08.2010 Norway Oslo Chateau Neuf STUDiO Festival
30.03.2010 Norway Oslo Rock In Pre-party Inferno-festival
14.11.2009 France Paris Crosne Crosne Medieval Fest
10.10.2009 Russia Moscow Club Tochka OktoBIERfest 2009
11.07.2009 Germany Ballenstedt Gegensteinen Rock Harz
16.05.2009 Switzerland Bern Grafiti Headbangersball
14.03.2009 Netherlands Roermond Azijnfabriek Hub and Heuy Metalfest
15.08.2008 Germany Barth Freilichtbühne Barther metal open air Pics
26.07.2008 Germany Thüringen Riedfest Metal O.A.
29.03.2008 Germany Lichtenfels Stadthalle Lichtenfels Ragnarök Festival Pics
18.08.2007 Germany Barth Freilichtbühne Barther metal open air Pics