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Flamingos and war, you have been warned 🙈🔥

“Smoldering Failure” is the second single from the 20 year anniversary album “20 Years in The Wrong Lane”.
Brace yourselves as “Smoledring Failure” emerges from the depths of the anniversary album, “20 Years in The Wrong Lane,” ready to wreak havoc on all digital platforms! It’s time to unleash this whirlwind of chaos, this epitome of True Norwegian Balkan Metal upon the unsuspecting masses.

Step into the battleground of musical mayhem with this hidden gem from the Flamingo Overlord sessions! Picture Bob Venke, the Flamingo Overlord, orchestrating a clash of titans, pitting foes against each other in a spectacle of destruction. This track arrived fashionably late to the album party, bursting with such ferocity that the album couldn’t contain it!

Join the kaos as warlords compete eagerly for global supremacy, their clashes set to a symphony of folk harmonies and thundering metal riffs. With production so pristine, it’s like bathing in the purest sound waves, whisking you from the eerie depths of Norwegian forests to the exuberant chaos of Balkan folk. This isn’t just music – it’s a wild, unforgettable journey through realms of chaos and conquest!

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