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12.01.2017 - Live
20.12.2016 - Live


18.01.2017 - Helluva Album Trailer Interview #2 - The Instruments

Listen to FjernkonTrollet & TrollBANK presenting all of the instruments we used on our great new album, HELLUVA, which will be out February 24th!

- TrollfesT

12.01.2017 - Santa Maria Summer Fest

Trollfest is confirmed for Santa Maria Summer Fest in Beja, Portugal June 8-10 2017!

- TrollfesT

11.01.2017 - Helluva Album Trailer Interview #1 - The Cover

Listen to Trollmannen & Mr. Seidel presenting the cover, the characters and a tiny bit of the story on our new album, HELLUVA, which will be out February 24th.

- TrollfesT

06.01.2017 - 70000 Tons of Metal

Trollfest is confirmed for 70000 Tons of Metal in Miami/Haiti in February 2017!

- TrollfesT

20.12.2016 - Masters of Rock - Czech Republic

Trollfest is confirmed for Masters of Rock in Vizovice, Czech Republic in July 2017!

- TrollfesT

16.12.2016 - First single of upcoming album "HELLUVA" released

We are proud to present STEEL SARAH. She climbs caves and slays snakes with maximum feminine ferocity!! Eat your heart out, Arnold Braunschweiger!!
MERCH: Steel Sarah T-Shirt
Digital download/stream: Spotify, ITunes, Amazon

Pre-order a physical copy of »HELLUVA« by itself or in various bundles here: PREORDER HELLUVA
"Steel Sarah" is now available as an instant download, when you pre-order »Helluva« digital.
The single is also available on all digital platforms.

- TrollfesT

09.12.2016 - First song of upcoming album "HELLUVA" released


- TrollfesT

24.11.2016 - HELLUVA artwork and tracklist

Look at our splendid cover people! We have once again allied ourselves with the ever brilliant master pen Jonas Darnell. As you can see the cover has a picture of Professor Otto, Camouflage Clair and Steel Sarah while they are running from something deep in the caves of the earth where they are looking for the mother troll Helluva.

01. This Is Just the Intro
02. Professor Otto
03. Spelunking Sisters
04. Gigantic Cave
05. Steel Sarah
06. Trollachen
07. Hen of Hades
08. Reiten mit ein Fisch
09. Fräulein Helluva
10. Kabaret
11. La Grande Finale
12. What A Good Idea

Bonus-Songs (Digipak-Version)
13. Don Gnomo Vega
14. Sputnik

HELLUVA will be available on following formats:
- CD-Digipak inkl. Helluva-Patch
- Gold Vinyl incl. Poster (limited 100x)
- Mint Vinyl incl. Poster (limited 100x)
- Silver Vinyl incl. Poster (limited 100x)
- Black Vinyl incl. Poster (limited 200x)
- Download & Streaming

- TrollfesT

17.10.2016 - TrollfesT Unplugged

Unplugged you say? Yes, we will play an acoustic concert in Oslo November 20. The place to be is Uhørt.
Buy tickets HERE!
- TrollfesT

05.10.2016 - HELLUVA, new album out February 24th 2017

Our new album, HELLUVA, will be out FEBRUARY 24th, 2017!

Out of Kaos, into more Kaos!
We have been holding this close to our hearts for some time now, but finally, oh finally, the sweet release is upon us! Our new album is here! To our joy and satisfaction, it will be released February 24th, 2017! We call this beautiful baby HELLUVA, and she is the result of many long months of demoing, arranging, recording, re-recording, cutting, compressing, computing and confusing, laughing and loathing, singing and screaming, spitting and sneering. The pride we have for this album is unfathomable, and we are so happy to finally share it with all our lovable fans!
Like the perfect omelette, we also busted quite a few eggs (braincells and bloodvessels) during this conception. So even though we still produce a helluva mess in the kitchen, the meals we make are always tasty to the EXTREME! So here we stand at the brink of the coming release, shivering with anticipation, ravenous for road rage and trembling with tenacity! HELLUVA comes with a 100% "Knock-your-socks-off guarantee", that is a promise!
LET'S GO!!! - TrollfesT

30.09.2016 - One hell of a great thing

We have one hell of a great thing to tell you! You won't hear the fantastic news until OCTOBER 5TH, so in the meantime you can satisfy ears, eyes, heart and brain on this!

- TrollfesT

25.08.2016 - Villanden keeps coming back

Our most iconic t-shirt, "Villanden", has been released on even more types of merch. In addition to the normal black T-Shirt we now have Girlie Tank Top, Grey T-Shirt, Base ball Longsleeve, Unisex 3/4 raglan Longsleeve, Girlie V-Neck Black and Girlie V-Neck White. Head on over to our European webshop to get yours. Quack Quack!!!

- TrollfesT

08.07.2016 - Rock The Paddleboat Norway

Trollfest is confirmed for Rock The Paddleboat in Hamar, Norway the 20.August!

- TrollfesT

29.06.2016 - Midgarsblot Metalfestival Norway

Trollfest is confirmed for Midgarsblot in Borre, Norway the 19.August!

- TrollfesT

06.05.2016 - God Nok Festival Norway

Trollfest is confirmed for God Nok Festival in Steigen, Norway the 14.July!

- TrollfesT

29.03.2016 - Xtremefest and Wave-Gotik-Treffen

Trollfest is confirmed for Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig, Germany on 13.May-16.May and Xtremefest, Cap Decouverte, France, 29.July. Cya there!

- TrollfesT

08.03.2016 - Villanden is back!!

Our most iconic shirt is finally back!! After high demand we decided to repress our famous shirt, the one and only "Villanden"! We also restocked our "This is my TrollfesT shirt"-shirt. Head on over to our new European webshop to get yours. Quack Quack!!!

- TrollfesT

11.11.2015 - Heavy Xmas 2015

Trollfest confirmed for Heavy Xmas Festival, Grafenhausen, Germany, 19 December 2015.

- TrollfesT

22.09.2015 - Autumn Moon 2015

Trollfest confirmed for Autumn Moon Festival, Hamelin, Germany, 30 October 2015.

- TrollfesT

18.08.2015 - Concert in Oslo confirmed

We are very happy to announce that we are playing at John Dee in Oslo the 01.October together with Korpiklaani. Get your tickets here!

- TrollfesT

17.08.2015 - New Merchandise!!

Our "Live at Alrosa Villa" album is finally available on CD!! We have also made white and black tank-tops with the popular "Party Crew"-design. So head on over to our webshop and shop till you drop.
- TrollfesT

11.08.2015 - Manskow leaving Trollfest

We are a bit sad, Manskow is leaving us, and Summer Breeze will be his final concert outside of Norway. So all you Summer Breezers better give him one hell of a farewell! Manskow has this to say:

"After almost ten years of playing in TrollfesT I have decided that it’s now time for me to leave the band and pursue other interests. It’s been such an amazing journey! I’m grateful for all the good times I’ve had travelling around the world with my fellow trolls in this band. And I really want to thank all our awesome fans and the bands we have played with over the years. I have met so many nice and positive people through this band, and without you guys it wouldn’t have been such a fun adventure."

We wish our brother nothing but the very best in the future!
- TrollfesT

17.07.2015 - Graabein Skjegg (Graabein Beard)

You got beard? Then we highly recommend Graabein Skjegg (Graabein Beard). Their products is the reason behind our luscious and sexy beards. Check it out!
Official website/Facebook.

- TrollfesT

02.07.2015 - Hammerfest Festival 2016

Trollfest confirmed for Hammerfest Festival, Gwynedd, UK, 12 March 2016.

- TrollfesT

02.06.2015 - Sunstorm Festival 2015

Trollfest confirmed for Sunstorm Festival, Nordheim, Germany, 10 July.

- TrollfesT

24.04.2015 - TrollfesT TV News - April 2015

- TrollfesT

23.04.2015 - Bridge Blast 2015

Trollfest confirmed for Bridge Blast, Herisau, Switzerland, 25 September.

- TrollfesT

14.04.2015 - TrollfesT officially endorsed by Richter Straps.

TrollfesT is now officially endorsed by Richter Straps!
Guitar/Bass straps and accessories.
- TrollfesT

12.03.2015 - More US dates added.

We are very happy to announce the last set of dates added to the US tour. Charlotte, Atlanta, Houston, San Antonio, Phoenix and San Diego..See you soon! Check out our live section for all the info!

- TrollfesT

24.02.2015 - Concert in Oslo confirmed.

We are very happy to announce that we are playing at Skuret in Oslo the 14.March together with Imaginator. Get your tickets here!

- TrollfesT

18.02.2015 - New USA and Canada tour!

We are very happy to announce that we are coming back to the US and Canada this spring with our good friends in Ensiferum and Korpiklaani. This will be a lot of fun for sure!
More dates to be added together with Korpiklaani.
Check out our Live section for dates!

- TrollfesT

11.02.2015 - TrollfesT officially endorsed by ESP/LTD Guitars

TrollfesT is now officially endorsed by ESP/LTD Guitars! We are beyond ourselves with excitement!

"I got my first ESP back in '98. I still have it and I still play it. These guitars are as reliable as a Russian tank! Easily and smoothly played, like a game of oiled up, naked volleyball!" - Dr. Leif MD.

"Since I was a kid ESP has made the guitars of my dreams. So being a part of the ESP family now is a dream come true." - Mr.Seidel

"I got my LTD when on tour when my old bass broke. It sounded and felt better then other brands that were 3 times the price. After 100 shows, countless miles on the road, planes, stagedives and rough handling the instrument its still in perfect shape and sounds great. Love it!" – Lodd Bolt
Guitar/Bass from ESP/LTD guitars.
- TrollfesT

15.01.2015 - A Decade Of Drekkadence available digitally!

Our 10 year anniversary album "A Decade Of Drekkadence" has now been made available digitally for the first time. The album is a self-released LP we brought out in 2013. Its a compilation album including some cover songs, b-tracks, early demos and acoustic songs. So far it has been available as a limited picture LPs, but this picture disc is now more or less sold out, so its therefore now available on all digital platforms.
Stream or buy the album here:
TrollfesT webshop (12" picturedisc vinyl)

- TrollfesT

19.12.2014 - 70.000 tons of metal

Trollfest confirmed for 70.000 tons of metal, Miami - Jamaica, 22-26 January, running order TBA
- TrollfesT

17.12.2014 - Trollfest Christmas songs, Jingle Bells

OK folks. Time to get your bells out and start jingling them because the Trollfest Christmas starts here.
- TrollfesT

03.12.2014 - Summer Breeze 2015

Trollfest confirmed for Summer Breeze, Dinkelsbühl, Germany, 13-15 August, running order TBA
- TrollfesT

21.11.2014 - Rock Harz 2015

Trollfest confirmed for Rock Harz, Ballenstedt, Germany, 9-11 July, running order TBA
- TrollfesT

12.11.2014 - Hörnerfest 2015

Trollfest confirmed for Hörnerfest, Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Germany, 3-7 July, running order TBA
- TrollfesT

31.10.2014 - Steve Clayton Guitar Picks

For the past few years we have only used Steve Clayton Custom Guitar Picks, so we are now super proud to announce that we have landed an endorsement deal with the mighty Clayton USA !! Expect more kickass TrollfesT guitar picks in the future

- TrollfesT

26.10.2014 - Halloween Sale

From the 26.Oct to 01.Nov. there will be a Halloween sale in our webshop!. New items like beanie, t-shirts, girlie and zipper have been added. Old products are also on sale! Who wouldn`t want to dress up like a TrollfesT-fan on Halloween? :)
- TrollfesT

21.09.2014 - Solskinnsmedisin (Official music video)

- TrollfesT

24.09.2014 - Erdentempel Tour Playlist

Curious what the two other bands on the upcoming tour sound like? Check out and follow the Erdentempel Tour Playlist on Spotify HERE! Check the tourdates if we play in a city near you.
- TrollfesT

21.09.2014 - Solskinnsmedisin Music video teaser.

- TrollfesT

19.09.2014 - Brewing Kaos in Europe session members

Since both TrollBANK and Lodd Bolt are not able to join us for the upcoming tour, we have two new super trolls joining us on stage!
- Nissefanten (Bass)
- Kjellkjé Chinnetfür Björnênēszkūtt aka Helvetes Bjørnen Eidsvåg, alias K.C.Bjørn (Drums)

- TrollfesT

18.09.2014 - Brewing Kaos in Europe tour trailer.

- TrollfesT

17.09.2014 - Just reached 10,000 Trackers on!

Get notified by email, mobile, or Facebook whenever we announces a concert in your area.
Do like 10.000+ others and track TrollfesT!
- TrollfesT

11.07.2014 - "Die Grosse Echsen" (lyric video)

- TrollfesT

12.05.2014 - Metal Hammers Awards

TrollfesT is nominated in the Metal Hammer Awards in the category "Most improved band 2013/2014"!!!! On the last page (9) you can vote for us!!! Share and spread this to all your friends, we need all the votes we can get. Thank you very much in advance!!

Click HERE to vote!!
- TrollfesT

07.05.2014 - Back from tour

Our first headliner tour is over, and what a tour it has been! We would like to thank everyone who came to support and party with us! It was super fun to tour Europe again and meet many of our old friends, and make a lot of new friends at the same time!

We would also want to send a super big thank you to the mighty Finsterforst and Cryptic Forest for all their help, partying and generally asskicking on stage every night! (Snadder på det…). Last but not least is our fabulous sound-engineer Frank, making every night a sonic delight! Steffi our tour-manager for taking care of our asses! And Per, the bus driver who made sure we all managed to arrive in time every day! And also our fantastic street-team who worked so hard for us! We LOVE YOU ALL and thank you so much for making this tour such an amazing trip for us!
- TrollfesT

11.04.2014 - Norwegian gigs announced

Kaos over Norway? Hell yes!! We will be playing 4 gigs in Norway in May/June, the dates are as follows:
- 09.May - Bergen - Garage
- 23.May - Oslo - Skuret
- 06.June - Trondheim - Fru Lundgreen
- 07.June - Hamar - Gregers

- TrollfesT


Finally, Kaptein Kaos is set loose upon North America today!!

Remember to get your copy: HERE
CD Universe HERE
Spotify HTTP: HERE
Spotify URI: HERE
iTunes: HERE

- TrollfesT

07.04.2014 - "KAOS OVER EUROPE" tour trailer

- TrollfesT


Finally, Kaptein Kaos is set loose upon Europe today!!

Remember to get your copy:
Spotify HTTP: HERE
Spotify URI: HERE
iTunes: HERE

- TrollfesT

20.03.2014 - KAPTEIN KAOS on YOUTUBE

Our first music video from the upcoming album Kaptein Kaos is now available on YouTube. Enjoy folx!!!


- TrollfesT

10.03.2014 - AVE MARIA on YOUTUBE

Our first digital single, Ave Maria, from the upcoming album Kaptein Kaos is now available on YouTube. Enjoy folx!!!

- TrollfesT

04.03.2014 - MOTOCULTOR FESTIVAL Open Air

Trollfest confirmed for MOTOCULTOR FESTIVAL Open Air, Saint-Nolff, France, 15-17 August, running order TBA
- TrollfesT

03.03.2014 - Street team member of February

Street team member of February goes out to Guillaume Ghrenassia for outstanding service. Due to exceptional poster-spreading abilities and a very active online promotion campaign he can expect a small token of appreciation in the good old "snailmail". Congratz!!
View the amazing TrollfesT Street team!!

- TrollfesT

28.02.2014 - Listen to Ave Maria, out now!

Our first single from the upcoming new album "Kaptein Kaos" (album release on 28th March) is out now!!
- iTunes
- Spotify
- WiMP
- 7Digital

The single, titled "Ave Maria", recounts one of the adventures that befall the time-travelling hero of the album Kaptein Kaos, who meets an attractive, and very willing, young maiden during his travels and seduces her with a song. Nine months later, and with the eponymous hero long gone, the maiden finds herself in somewhat of a tricky situation, especially as she lives in a puritan villages, so she explains that her child was "sent from God".

- Kaptein Kaos

27.02.2014 - Release of Ave Maria tomorrow!

We will release our first single from the upcoming new album "Kaptein Kaos" (album release on 28th March) tomorrow, February 28. The song is called "Ave Maria" and will be available through all big download and streaming portals such as iTunes, Wimp, Spotify, Amazon and others.

This song is about Kaptein Kaos who finds himself in Jerusalem with quite blue balls. He finds himself a young willing maiden and seduces her with a song. Nine months later the young maiden finds herself in a tricky situation with some serious explaining to do for the puritan village; luckily she is clever and claims the child is sent from God

- Kaptein Kaos

21.02.2014 - Ave Maria, single release date

What many of you have been waiting for, namely the first single from our upcoming album KAPTEIN KAOS.
The first single will be the song AVE MARIA and the release date has been set for 28.February, exactly one week from now! The song will be available on most digital platforms.
We are all super proud of KAPTEIN KAOS and we hope you will like the material as much as we do! But first, let's enjoy this weekend with beer and other alcoholic beverages!

Cheers to all of you from all of us!
- TrollfesT

17.02.2014 - Kaptein Kaos Album Trailer

PRE-ORDER NOW! Worldwide shipping!!

- Kaptein Kaos

13.02.2014 - Pre-order Kaptein Kaos on vinyl

Kaptein Kaos is being released on a white vinyl in a very sexy looking gatefold. The vinyl is also strictly limited to 300x, so dont hesitate to get yours before its to late.
The vinyl is only available through the bands own webshop or at our gigs.

PRE-ORDER NOW! Worldwide shipping!!

- Kaptein Kaos

12.02.2014 - Exclusive Kaptein Kaos bundle at EMP!!

Pre-order KAPTEIN KAOS (Digipack + DVD) & "Partying since the dawn of time" T-shirt. Exclusive to EMP.
Special Bundle (Digipack+DVD, t-shirt)

- Kaptein Kaos

24.01.2014 - Pre-order Kaptein Kaos now!!

You heard me! Pre-order Kaptein Kaos now!!
Special Bundle (Digipack+DVD, t-shirt and poster)
Kaptein Kaos T-shirt

- Kaptein Kaos

20.01.2014 - Carpathian Alliance Festival

Trollfest confirmed for Carpathian Alliance Festival, Ukraine
- TrollfesT

13.01.2014 - Want to join the Trollfest ranks??!! Read on and find out how!

2014 is going to be a big year for Trollfest! A new record, touring, and lots more exciting stuff. We are reaching for the skies, but we need YOUR help to get there!! We will travel the world in our career, but all members of the band are situated in little Oslo in Norway so the Trollfest Street Crew will be established. If you join our family you will get certain assignments to do for us in your home city. It can range from hanging up posters before a show, handing out flyers, dressing like a bee in public, playing our music to your friends and dragging them to our show, running down to your local booking agent, being our guide when we get to your city, and generally spreading the word about Trollfest (the same as we do, basically).

In return for doing these (awesome) jobs, you will get your name and picture on the official Trollfest website, guest list access and freebies. You'll be in more direct contact with the band and meet our smelly asses and so on... Each month the hardest working member will be announced as «Team Member of the Month» and at the end of the year the «Member of the Year» will receive something very special.

All you have to do is send us your contact info to this mail. We need your full name and home address, age, mail, telephone number and a picture of your pretty face. Then you will be a member of the Trollfest family!

If you love our band and want to help us out, this is it!

We hope YOU will join us on our quest!
- Kaptein Kaos

13.01.2014 - Pre-Order the new album, KAPTEIN KAOS

Pre-Order the new album now (Limited digipak with bonus DVD)!!! Out: 28.03.2014
- Kaptein Kaos

10.01.2014 - Kaptein Kaos, new album out 28.March

Fresh from celebrating our Tenth Anniversary and with two North American tours in one year under our belts, we are starting 2014 by announcing details of what will be our sixth full-length album as well as details of our first headlining European tour. The thirteen-track album will be titled “Kaptein Kaos” and is released by NoiseArt Records 28.March this year. Recorded at the dUb Studio in Oslo and at the “Trollskogen Recording Facilities”, the album has been mixed by Endre Kirkesola. Once again the striking artwork is by Swedish Cartoonist Jonas Darnell and design Terje Johnsen, both long-time collaborators with the band. See the artwork HERE!

Track list for "Kaptein Kaos" is as follows:
1. Trolltramp
2. Kaptein Kaos
3. Vulkan
4. Ave Maria
5. Filzlaus Verkündiger
6. Die Grosse Echsen
7. Seduction suit no.21
8. Solskinnsmedisin
9. Troll Gegen Mann
10. Sagn Om Stein
11. Renkespill
12. Kinesisk Alkymi
13. Døden banker på

More info and dates about our first headlining European tour can be viewed in our live section.
- TrollfesT

09.12.2013 - TrollfesT blog

The North American tour is over:( Thanks to everyone who showed up at our showes and gave us the time of our lives! We also want to send our love to the boys from Alestorm, Gypsyhawk, Milkshake (Chris), Kane and Mauro! You guys rule!!

Read more about our North American adventure in our
- TrollfesT