To mark two decades of rocking the world with True Norwegian Balkan Metal, we have just released a new anniversary album, “20 Years in The Wrong Lane”. From ancient demos to fresh live jams, unreleased gems, bonus tracks, and even a couple of remixes — this album got it all!
Picture this awesomeness on an exclusive picture disc vinyl, adorned with artwork by Jonas Darnell and Terje.

Staying true to our chaotic selves, we deliver an album bursting with joyous fun and kickass musicianship. We plow the metal field, harvesting nothing but the good stuff. It’s a must-have for any TrollfesT fanatic and, for the rest, a splendid wall decoration at the very least.

The tunes will only be grooving on the exclusive vinyl for now, get it before it’s too late in our WEBSHOP
But don’t worry (be happy); We just released “Happy Little Boozer” single + music video digitally to celebrate the release, so you can get a taste of the madness! Check out the music video for “Happy Little Boozer”.

Time to join the TrollfesT madness! 🎉🤘

Atlantis (Recorded during “Kaptein Kaos”)
…Skogsfest (Recorded during “Brumlebassen”)
Smoldering Failure (Recorded during “Flamingo Overlord”)
A Shot of Trolljoy (Recorded during “Flamingo Overlord”)
Drinking Beer (Recorded during “Flamingo Overlord”)
Happy Little Boozer (Cover – Recorded during “Flamingo Overlord”)
Dance Like a Pink Flamingo (Remix)
Der JegerMeister (Recorded during “Happy Heroes”)
Drinking Song From Hell (From “Drinking Game from Hell”)
Gigantic Cave (Live in Salzburg 2018)
Flamongous (Live in Trondheim 2022)
Kjetteren Afterski (Remix)