Our new album “Flamingo Overlord” will be out May 27!!
In celebration of today’s announcement, we have released our second single “Twenty Miles an Hour“.
Band comments:
We have been working on “Flamingo Overlord” since before the pandemic started and we believe we have totally outdone ourselves this time! The title “Flamingo Overlord” has been with us since early 2017 but it took us four years to have the perfect set of songs to go with this title! Catchy and groovy with the possibility of making you see flamingos everywhere you walk in life, TROLLFEST’s Flamingo Secret Agents will soon be everywhere. Be afraid of the Overlord, Bob Venke. Be very afraid!
“Flamingo Overlord” will be released in:
– LP Gatefold PINK vinyl
– LP Gatefolk “Flamingo Feather” Marbled Vinyl Limited Edition (comes with a signed postcard)
– CD Digipack
– CD Digipack + Shirt bundle
Check out “Twenty Miles an Hour”
Listen on Spotify here!
Watch on YouTUbe here!
“Flamingo Overlord” tracklist:
1. Dance Like a Pink Flamingo
2. All Drinks on Me
3. Flamongous
4. Twenty Miles an Hour
5. The Flamingorilla
6. Flamingo Libre
7. Piña Colada
8. Rule the Country
9. The Way You Earn Your Drinks
10. Overlords Have Feelings
11. Bob Venke